M. DELIMEUX was born in the south of France. Daughter of a conservative family, she is not allowed to pursue an Art School curriculum. However, her tenacity is rewarded after she is permitted to study Architecture.

She works as an Architect for two short years. While she lives in Corsica, she discovers the art of painting. From there on, she keeps painting and spends time in Galleries and Artist's studios to perfect her technique.

During the eighties, she participated to numerous art exhibitions around the Mediterranean sea. Finally, in 1997 she shows her first gallery's work. This is rapidly followed by shows at several galleries.

1997 Gallery, La Castellane, Montpellier.

1998 Gallery St Louis, Aigues-Mortes

1999 Gallery A L'Espace des Arts, Aigues-Mortes.

2000 Gallery Mathilde.D, Lyon.

2000 - 2004 Gallery A L'Espace des Arts, St Rémy de Provence.

Since her early shows, she has seduced art lovers with her luminous landscapes. Her dynamic and tense brush stroke creates motion and energy in her rich and very creative Compositions.

She sheds light on a Provence filled with warmth and feelings. A world reconstructed with colour.


Shows in progress at :

A l'Espace des Arts

6 rue Carnot

B.P. 82

13532 Saint Rémy de Provence Cedex


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Web: http://www.a-l-espace-des-arts.com

Mail: galerie@a-l-espace-des-arts.com